How do these two guys the rich and poor look at money and knowledge?Very well, we can tell by their RACE. I mean about where they go when they heard about money or knowledge. 

What do you think is a borderline between the rich and poor particular with money and knowledge perception?

What does each group value most, which you should also recommend for yourself?

Poverty is not the product of not being to school. Poverty is the product of lack of understanding concerning how something means to you. You can go to school and you work, however, you face again the poverty life like before you went to school maybe even the worse catastrophe kinds of poverty.

Poor people look for money. Poor people think that in order to be rich, you must have money. They think riches is money. NO. It is knowledge that makes someone rich. If he lacks knowledge, his bank account level of money starts dropping.

Rich people look for knowledge and information. They know that knowledge is better than money. People who look for money instead of knowledge fail to redeem themselves again from poverty. They can have money, yet they don’t know the right thing to do with the money. A lot of people seek miracle money, the poor and they may have it though they blow it way. Successful people they look for knowledge and information. No wonder they always buy books, could be old or new books. They always search what is new on the internet so that if they got the information and use it wisely, they will make lots of money.

I ask you my brother or sister, treasure knowledge a lot than money. READ BOOKS AND YOU WILL BEGIN TO SEE. All these great men you talk and read about are the lovers of knowledge. The Bible says my people perish because of lack of knowledge.

When you have knowledge, you will then know an appropriate way of using your money or where your money should go and what it should bring in return. Money without the right information, you cannot see what your money should do for you in a big way hence whatever comes into your pocket you will spend it as quickly as how you got it.