It’s not just a personal level principle that those who give receive, will be given, it also applies to business too, and the more your business gives and reaches more people out there, is what will let your business sustain for a longer period of time, years, decades or generations, for example Ford-Motors or the Coca Cola businesses, their products have reached the whole entire world, and the more they give the world, the more money they get in return.

A business‘s value is the present worth of its future earnings. Services or products are what the business gives out and that business receives back in equivalent to that which it gives out.

Continuous producing and creating value demands innovative-marketing and innovative-creating, that brings a positive change to people’s lives. Innovation is a new way of doing things that must result in positive change. If thinking of starting a business, remember the law of supply and demanding. A business must produce a productive cause and effect. A productive cause and effect is what makes good money come in. As said, the business always gets in return, equivalent to the services and products it renders to its community, country or world.

The focus of the business must not just be on making money, but the focus must be on serving more people that bring in money, as said the international bestselling author of Rich Dad Poor Dad Mr. Robert Kiyosaki that “Change your focus, from making money to serving more people. Serving more people makes the money come in”, that’s what your business must focus on more.