Clinging to a job as a solution for your life surviving is nakedly a suicide financial plan today. The question asked is; “What if you get fired or you get sick and you are no longer able to work, how are you going to survive financially, or how is your family going to survive financially if you got fired or got sick to an extent that you are no longer able to work?

And you might also think you are safe simply because they is some sense of job-security because there is a paycheck every month, but a job is never safe today, you probably know it already, it’s a suicide mission, and today many jobs have no job-security, maybe, except, those in the government, but also even government job-security is a disaster today, it’s an illusion also, a trick and a manipulating way to make you pay more taxes to the government through pay checks.  

Today even asking for a pay rise is a suicide move; it can lead to getting fired at a job. That’s a suicide being talked about here.   

Therefore, I advise you to start thinking of a better plan for your life surviving outside the job cycle mentality. The problem is you can’t become financially successful through depending and working on a job, simply because a job is not an employee’s job; the job is owned by the employer, the owner of the company, not the employee.

The other problem is that you can’t leave a job for your child or family as an inheritance, but you can leave a business for your child or family, and this a better plan for life surviving than just depending on a job to take care of your life. This is the suicide today, depending on a job for your life surviving, when their other better ways you can depend financially your life on, for a example as said a business, that requires you to become an entrepreneur.