I was on a truck beside this burnt man and his family. The driver and I thought that probably these terrible scars came from hot water. However, as we traveled, he began to tell us what happened to him and his friends. We were sleeping at the farm in the house. He said, Then someone came at midnight and set the house fire. We lost everything; without God, we would have died inside.

“Why?” The driver asked.
At the farm, we have been doing well, but people are very jealousy. How do you feel when you see someone is doing better than you be it at work, financially, and so on?

Do you feel happy about them?

How is the way you look at them?

Do you pretend being nice to them, yet inside you are someone else?

Jealousy is one of the biggest challenge we have specially in Africa, we don’t want to see other people progressing. We want what we see with them was ours.

In Africa, when someone has bought a car, it is like that person becomes a topic, “do you know that he has bought a car?” “He is boasting.” Even when he is not.

Jealousy simply is wanting to have what someone has. It is also the feeling of dislike of which a person stands to prevent something that is coming to a person so that they don’t have it and they feel good. In the Bible, we Cain killed his brother Abel because of jealousy.


  1. Be Content With What You Have.

When you are not happy with you have, you are more likely to hate someone who has won or winning. You may end up avoiding them or probably killing them. It doesn’t matter someone is winning. They can be the first one in the series to win then it is your time. We all have appointed time, so your will come. When you are not happy with what you have, you start feeling off about yourself and other people which is dangerous.

  1. Think Positively.

Able to meditate on doing the good things. Successful people simply have some good thought about others in spite someone is progressing. All what they do is following them to learn one or two things from them about what they are doing so that you also improve yours.

  1. Accept Other People’s Achievements.

There are those who don’t want to see someone has passed number on or has forgotten good marks perhaps in this assignment. We are people who hide the letters of appointments and transfers of other teachers because it unless it was them.

  1. Consider The Consequences.

Think like from doing this, what will happen if the person I hate comes to know this. If I did this, what will happen to me if the public knows it? This will help you knowing the right thing to do.
Remember the people we hate are the same people who can help us a lot than the people we love.