What life path am I talking about here? It’s this advice you have been commonly hearing since your childhood that “Go to school, then get a job and a job will take care you” that has and is trapping so many people when they reach manly 35 years, the period their personal responsibilities begins to grow more and more, and this makes many people to end up getting stuck to one path of life to make a living.

Many people get trapped at 35 years due to the growth of responsibilities. Here are the things that financially traps most people to only stick to a job as the only way to make a living financially;

Adulthood Responsibility

 As you get older the more responsibilities grows too, more especially the financial responsibility. At this stage you are renting a shelter, paying for your own food, clothes, transport, entertainment, and in some serious relationship maybe; and many people’s expenses come from a job, and in addition most young people are not business minded and have no business, but a job as the only source of income, this is why many end up being stuck and trapped to work for a paycheck after paycheck because it’s the only way they have been taught to finance their above mentioned responsibilities.

Family Responsibility

35 years mainly is the period most young people are settling for marriage relationships or the period they have a family, with one, two or three little kids. Family comes in with much bigger financial responsibilities than you where living single, before marriage; but still most people let others take care of their family financial life, for example an employer they work for, and this seems normal because it looks comfortable, but not until many retire.  

At this stage, a 35 year old, a man or woman has a good paying job or a man is the one providing for the family through a job, commonly known worldwide. This is the stage many people get to stick to only one source of income, from a job to pay for the family and personal expenses for example, schools fees, gas, clothes, entertainment, food, transport, water bills, electricity bills, government taxes; and most young people as said, don’t have any other business to make money but only through a job, and because of these more family responsibilities are being paid by a paycheck seem comfortable and risk free, is a reason so many people get stuck and trapped in working for paycheck after paycheck for years and years till retirement time.   

We have heard such excuses by most people that, “I hate my job, but I can’t quit, because my family would suffer” or “If I quit my job, who is going to take care of my family”, and these are some reasons that keeps people trapped in the rat race road of chasing a paycheck after paycheck for years and years without ever planning or taking control of their financial life.

This crowd obsolete old industrial age advice is still to date being taught in schools to kids, in society by the majority and in churches as the only way to make a living financially of “Go to school, leave school to go look for a high paying job with benefits, buy a house, save money, marry, have kids, work hard at a job for your family for 40 years, then retire with a pension”, then you have lived your life, this crowd mentality, and you even call this that I have lived my life well, this is not living your life, this is being a slave for our family, employer and slave of the school-system were we were taught or students to date are still being taught to make money you have get a job, which actually implies that to become a financially slave for the government and a few rich people running their business companies.

Go to school and get a job is a crowd advice that still traps many young people in the rat race world of working for money, for a paycheck after paycheck for years and years that so many people still believe as the only way to make money when their other million, possibly billion ways to make money on this world; but because many of us are taught and conditioned in school and homes to become employees, this is why we are still slaves for money and a few rich people in this world, for example, maybe you don’t know or you already know, kids are sent to go through school in order to create more future customers to pay more taxes to the government and make a few rich people to become richer.

An employee is a leverage that works to make more money for the government and the rich people get richer in this world. 

Many get trapped and stuck at 35 years and continual working for paycheck after paycheck up to 65 years of retirement without reasonable financial plan after retirement. The biggest problem for many people after retirement is a financial problem simply because they were so busy working for paycheck after paycheck to solve their family financial problems and never get to make any reasonable financial plan their own life. 

In insight, school is a factory they manufacture and produce more slaves to work for a few rich people in this world, who run and control the government systems, who run and control the cooperate businesses or companies.

Think about this please, there is a life beyond this crowd mentality. 

Create your own path.