What I mean by saying as a business owner everything is your fault, means everything that happens at your own business is your responsibility, you like it or not, you just have accept and take that responsibility. 

Yes of course as a business owner, others can help you, guide you, advice you with new ideas or new ways of doing things, and direct you, but in the final analysis, at the end of the discussion or advice, you are the final key to allow or accept those ideas from others to be implemented into action.

And if anything happens, you don’t need to go blame those who advised you those ides simply because they came from them, and in truth, you are the one who started the business, you are the cause of the business, so it’s your own responsibility not to blame the employees for the errors happening in your business or company, but to learn, fix them and find a better way to progress your business forward.

A business is like your child, your child never asked you to be born through you, you caused that child yourself, so you can’t blame your child for not living a good life, your child is your responsibility to take care of as a parent, so is a business too. You might lose some money, business or get sued for your own business, but that’s all your responsibility too. You must always remember that as a business owner, everything that happens on or with your business, it’s your own responsibility to fix.