Majority of people don’t know that school is a business,it’s there for money you pay as tuition fee, and as a way to make money, it has to train students to go do what the school-system wants, not what the student wants, and that is to become an employee who works hard to make the owner of the school business to become rich financially, and this is the business of school if you don’t know.

And this is the biggest problem school has to date, of only minding its own business and not minding kids life business in school. The business of school is not there for the education of kid’s people, but for the benefit of its own business.

Students have got their own mind that they must be taught to mind, but kids in school are not taught to mind their own mind, that’s why most people in our societies do not do their own thinking, but only let a few people do their own thinking, as author of The Master-Key System 1912, Mr. Charles Hannel, said “Why is it that the great majority of people in many nations remain docile? Because they let a few do their thinking for them”, and often school does not teach students to think for themselves, but to let a few people do the thinking for the kids, for example the government and the people behind the school business.

To the point, school does not teach students to think, but only to follow school-system instructions and mental conditioning. That’s why majority of students when they leave school into society fail to do anything worth for themselves like starting a business, but only wait for others to tell them what to do for their own life and only waiting for the government to give them a job, instead of creating their own jobs.

Students in school have got already their own talents, but it’s not the business of school to bring out or develop student’s talents or genius, its business is to only crash and replace students minds, student’s genius with its own business purpose of go to school and leave school to get a job, to become an employee.

And students in school are taught little to nothing about money, taught nothing to starting their own business or becoming an entrepreneur. Truth is entrepreneurship taught in school is a waste time and money. Many students who have done business administration end up employees or company slaves of the rich people. Entrepreneurship or business course taught in school is all about training students to go become business or entrepreneurial managerial of a few rich people’s businesses, to go become employees of a few rich people.

If school taught real entrepreneurship, many students would end up running their own businesses, but that does not happen. This is the reason why there is no real financial education taught in school, only fake financial education is taught in school. Entrepreneurship taught in school is all about teaching kids to leave school to go mind, to go manage other people’s businesses, to go mind other people’s money like most accountants do; and not students taught to mind their own businesses.   

Students in school are not taught to mind their own life business, but a few a people’s life businesses, for example the government business, the employer’s business and religion businesses. And also kids in school are not who they are, how their mind works so that they can think for themselves, but only taught to let a few people think for them and their life, for example the government or religion. Kids in school are not taught to discover, develop and utilize their own talents, but all school does is to crash students dreams, talents or genius, that’s why majority of students when they leave school end up lost souls in our societies without knowing what to do for their own life.

This is why minding your own business must become a subject to be taught in school.