The world has problems, and solutions are there, but some of those problems cannot solve themselves, we the people must solve those problems; but the biggest problem we have in this world is lack of problem solvers, instead the world has more problem complainers.

Many people are very good at complaining about problems, and not solving problems, and these are people who look up to others to solve problems for them, and the example when it comes to financial life many people look up to such people to solve their problem, the government, their spouse or family, or employer to solve their financial problems, and if one those fails to solve their problem, they complain like no mans business.



If you can’t solve a certain problem, then why complain about it when you know you can’t solve it, for me that is a waste of time to complain. If you can’t change something, then why complain about it, does that make any sense. If complaining cannot change what we complain about, then why even waste your time to complain about it?

Problem complainers are problem creators, and you must learn to surround yourself with problem solvers as said Brad Lea, “Surround yourself with people that talk about solving problems, not creating them”, and problem complainers are problem creators, they postponed problems instead of solving them like most governments do, and we all know that if you postponed a problem the more that problem becomes bigger, and in the end many fail to solve that problem.

Stop wasting your time and life being around people who always complain, but never solving problems. Surround yourself with people who solve problems, who talk about solving problems, who share ideas of solving problems, people who inspire you to be bigger than your problems; these are the people you must surround yourself with. Spend your time with people who solve problems, not complainers.