“If you need to pretend or hide your true self, you are with the wrong people. Surround yourself with beings of the same frequency as YOU” – Gordana Biernat

“Be the place in time and space where LOVE enters the world” – Gordana Biernat

“Acts of kindness, compassion, love and bravery are direct expressions of your soul. Your purpose in life always reveals itself when you act in accordance with your soul-source” – Gordana Biernat

“Forgiving yourself first is the key. Releasing and letting the heavy feelings of guilt and blame go, allows you to stand free in the high frequency of forgiveness. In the healing light of forgiveness miracles hide and love resides. Everything is possible” – Gordana Biernat

“You attract people of the same frequency as YOU. Pay more attention to the kind, happy, creative and loving people around you. You will be surprised how quickly the negative energy disappears when YOU are focusing entirely on good things” – Gordana Biernat

“Your reality is a reflection of YOU. Be COURAGEOUS. Resist negative input. The only REAL authority in your reality is you” – Gordana Biernat

“Your soul is always “shining”. When you share your LOVE you help others “see” their light within” – Gordana Biernat

“Your soul is always “shining”. When you share your LOVE you help others “see” their light within” – Gordana Biernat

“Successful people do what they love, not what they are told to do” – Gordana Biernat

“Forgiving doesn’t have to be about allowing people who have harmed you to stay in your space and continue. Sometimes to forgive means to make peace within yourself so that you can find the power to turn around and walk away” – Gordana Biernat

“Pay attention when your surrounding drops in frequency. It’s a signal from your source that you need to RAISE YOUR frequency. Here’s how: Play! Have fun Give thanks Sing Make love Smile Forgive Dance Hug more Kiss Simply be present to life’s presents” – Gordana Biernat

“Forgiving is to the soul like fasting is to the body. It cleanses the toxic “waste” out of the “system”. Forgive and let go” – Gordana Biernat

“Creativity and courage are intimately entwined. In fact, there can be no creativity without courage because expressing yourself creatively requires the bravery to go beyond the conforming boundaries of conventional beliefs, ideas and voices” – Gordana Biernat