Some people have been raised to become servants, have been raised with the mentality of, “If my father worked for a certain company, I will or must also work for a certain company”, get this, following such a fathers or mother’s path, is slavery conditioning. 

We are in the new world with new modern world changes, but it seems majority of parents or families, and cultures or religion, are not mentally awakened of this old rat-race trap cage they have been passing on from generation to generation, and still passing it on to these millennial generation kids of today without even questioning if this advice is heading kids of this generation in the right direction of life or the opposite life. We all know that the world has changed, we are all no longer living the generation of our parents, but still many of our parents still want us kids of today to live there old industrial age generation when we are in technological generation where now technology is and will be doing most of our physical labor.

It does not mean if my father worked for a certain company like he worked for Zambia Electricity Supply Cooperation (ZESCO) in Zambia, that means that I must get a job and follow the same path that he went through, maybe it was his choice, but that must not be my choice today; if he was an employee, that does not mean I must also become an employee too, I can become a business man like I am now. And we must realize that advising and training many people to work for a job is training many people to become slaves for a few people who run businesses or companies in this world for example the government business and other companies owned by a few rich people.    

Parents must begin raising children to think different and for example like this, “If my father worked for a certain company, I will open up my own company or business and work for myself” or “If my father was self-employed, let me be a business owner”. Kids must be taught different because things have changed are changing, the world of our parents is not the world of the kids of today, that’s why parents must learn to adapt to new changes too, if they cannot, they teach their kids to adapt to new changes, that’s your job as a parent. As a parent today, you must focus more on training your kids to become self-reliant, to owner their businesses, than working for other people’s businesses.

What you must remember more as a parent is that your today’s world will not be the world of your children tomorrow, that’s why you must teach your child to learn to adapt to new changes. Things will never be as was today, tomorrow, and some of us we know already this slavery advice of the industrial age of “Go to school, get into university and leave to go find a high paying job with benefits” is an obsolete advice today, but many parents to date are still advising kids to follow such an obsolete path.

Parents wake up, your world is not your child’s world tomorrow, teach your children or child to adapt and take advantage of their world, not a child to live in their parents old world. The world has changed, and we must continual to change too. Things are always changing, and so you must too.