As a matter of truth we are all seeing how most jobs have faded away and how cheap labor jobs are becoming on the market place today, but it seems many people are still hooked with same old life of their grandparents that is no longer working effective and which has become obsolete today in this technological world.

What’s this old life am I talking about?

“Go to school, study hard, leave school to go look for a high paying job with benefits and a job will take care of you for a lifetime”, this is a fake financial advice, it’s an old obsolete age advice for life that worked in the 20th century industrial age period, not today in my generation, things have changed, and I bet you have and you are seeing the change happening now.  

You cannot operate with an old world in the new world; you only have to operate with one, and because we are in the new world, those with the old world still operating in their heads, are in shock today, if not yet, sooner, it’s just around the corner. You and I must realize that what worked yesterday is not a guarantee that it will work today or tomorrow, things are always changing and we must learn to adapt to new changes; if we cannot, it’s a must misery will be on our necks we like it or not.

If you and I desire a new change, we have to change our old ways of doing things as someone said, “If you keep own doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep on getting what you’ve always got.”

If high paying jobs are disappearing and if fewer cheap labor jobs are taking majority of the market place, then what must we do? Teach and encourage entrepreneurship thinking. If people are taught and encouraged to become employees, the same process can be used for entrepreneurship, but it’s a pity our school-system does not teach and encourage people to become entrepreneurs, that has been the biggest problem of school for years to date.  

We have more than enough employee minded people on the market place looking for jobs that are fewer and fewer, and every year millions of students graduate from university only to find their no jobs on the market place, and you expect you as a parent you must continual encouraging such an advice to your kids, that go to school and get a job, this is all nonsense today, this is a waste of child’s lifetime. We need more entrepreneurs today on the market place. We need more entrepreneurs who create jobs and other opportunities for the people in our communities; not creating more employee minded people, actually as said we have more than enough people looking for jobs on the market place today more than those who create jobs.

If you are a parent and you have a job today, don’t think that your children or grandchildren might have a job tomorrow or in near future, things have and are still changing at a rapid pace, today robots and computers are taking over majority of human labor jobs, and this implies that some of your children in future might not have that job that will be taken over by a robot or a computer. That’s why kids today must be taught and encouraged to learn how to start their own businesses, taught how to invest money in businesses that can allow them to buy a robot that can work for their own company. Just only going to school in order to get a job, it’s a worst of life and its obsolete today.

Teach and encourage people to start their businesses whether they have a job or not, whether there in school or not, married or single, today everyone must be doing some businesses whether big or small businesses, everyone must begin doing some business.

Jobs are a suicide today; probably you even know it now. What if you get fired? Or you get sick and no longer able to work? What if a robot or computer takes over your job position? How are you going to make money to survive for your daily life if your job is the only source of income? That’s why you need to start a business, you cannot depend on a job for long today, it’s a suicide cage.

Watch this TED X “Lets Raise Kids To Be Entrepreneurs” Video below by Cameron Herold.

Via: YouTube