It doesn’t mean if everyone is doing it, it’s correct, No!. It does not mean you have to follow all routines everyone is using; in fact some people’s everyday routines lead to slavery.

It doesn’t say to make it successful in this world, you have to walk up in the morning, rush through the traffic to get to work, spend about eight hours at the workplace repeating the same tasks, rush back to your house, watch television or news, with some boring socializing in between, eat and then sleep. Tomorrow the same routine; and you call that living, that’s why I said some people’s everyday routines always leads to slavery. It does not mean if everyone is becoming an employee, that means you must also become an employee, you can also become an employer.   

Create your own life path, follow and live your own dreams, live your life. Your friends or family life path is not your life path; you are here to create your own life path and live that path. If you are always following others life paths, you will always find yourself leaning on wrong side of the wall, as it has been said what was never meant to be yours, will never be yours. Find what’s yours and live what’s yours.

You are not on this earth to live other people’s dreams or work for other people’s dreams; you are here to live your own dreams and work on your own dreams, to live your own life, and that’s what you are here for. Learn to do your own things and live your own life.