Many of us have spent a lifetime on earth, I don’t know if can say chasing God or following God, instead of just being God and share Godliness.

What do I mean by saying be God?

If you say God is love, why not be love and share that love too.

If you God cares for you, why not be that care and share that care too?

If God is faithful, why not be that faithfulness and share that faithful too?

We spend years following, trying to be, trying to do and trying to have what we already Are and Have. You and I we are here on this earth to manifest this love of God already within us on this planet earth, but often many of us we are still waiting for God to send us love through what we call the Holy Spirit to come when the Holy Spirit is already within you. You do not receive the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit is already within you; you realize the Holy Spirit is already within you.  We look to the sky for the coming of God when God is already within us. God is already here.  

You are a part of God, that’s why God sent you and me to manifest his glory on this mother earth, and we already have that God within us, that glory of God within us, that ability to share God to this world within us. God does not ask for your ability, but your availability, you are already born with that ability to share love to this world.

You have your God given talents or gifts, or potentials within you are here for to share to this earth that will help others to realize their own gifts, and if those who realize their gifts and share them, then love will be shared at a large scare on this earth. But if you do not share your own gift, then many other people’s gifts will die too, simply because your gifts, talent, dreams if you utilized them and shared them to your world, they will awaken other people’s gifts too. And the purpose our life on this earth is to share as more love through our gifts or talents to as many people as we can reach on this earth.

If share your talent or talents, you will awakens other talents. Love shared, awakens love, so is the opposite too. Dreams realized into life, also awakens other dreams into life. We are here already with everything within us to share to this world, simply because the kingdom of God is already within us, not up there in the sky.

And you already know that there is a difference between following and being that you are following. Being is not following and following is not being. For example, following success is not being successful; so is being successful is not following success. So if God is love, then be Godly, be love and share that love. By doing this, that means you love God and not just following God, because following never becomes, many people have spent a lifetime on this earth following God and never get to become Godly simply because their always following. Be love and share love.

The opportunity is that, Love is our birth right and your job on this earth is to realize that you are love and you are here to share you the love to your fellow loving human beings. Be love.