If you do not enrich yourself in activities that do not make you live your own life, your own dreams, truth is, it’s wasted lifetime forever. Each-day that comes is your time opportunity, and if you let everyday pass without doing something worth or constructive for yourself, then it’s a wasted day.

Also if you let negative employers or people who don’t care or give a damn care about your life, all they care about is their life, it’s high time you begin creating your own business to become your own boss, or become a business owner, in short to become an entrepreneur who is in control of the precious gift God has given man, time. Some employers don’t care about who you are and where you come from; all they care about is you doing the job, that’s all.

You must realize that whether you have a high paying or low paying job, still you have sold part of your life, your soul, your lifetime to your employer for money.   

These are among some of the disadvantages of being an employee or being controlled by others which actually should awaken and inspire you to develop the mindset of becoming your own boss, or an entrepreneur in order to think your own mind and control your own life, to own your own birth right gift, time freedom.