“The trick to starting a business isn’t money or a great idea. The trick is to have an action plan that is composed of thousands of tiny doable steps. You won’t believe how far you go by taking small steps” – York Zucchi

“The entrepreneur mindset is an attitude to life. Entrepreneurs are not born. They are panel beaten to shape” – York Zucchi

 “Enough said. The future of employment isn’t in big companies. It is about you becoming a (SME) small and medium enterprises that solves specific business needs for which other companies will pay you for. Job security is long gone. Time to take your destiny by the horns and stop hoping for the old days”  – York Zucchi

“Real entrepreneurship is not about having an idea and waiting/hoping for millions in funding. It is about rolling up your sleeves, working hard and enjoying the journey” – York Zucchi

“Why knowing why you do what you do is so crucial… The ‘why’ is not just a company statement. The why is your fuel. It is your map and your compass in a world full of distractions. Distractions are your biggest danger” – York Zucchi

“Stop looking for funding and start looking for clients “– York Zucchi

“To my young friends The future of work isn’t in finding a job. It is in finding business opportunities for which you can charge for your expertise. People will become resources in the just-in-time economy which means lifelong learning is fundamental vs once off education” – York Zucchi

“This is what I learned from my now 11 years as an entrepreneur… Forget your business model. Focus on the problem you are solving. The Business model will constantly change. The problem not” – York Zucchi

“Being an entrepreneur is a juggling act. You are driving at 200km/h, conversing with your paying passengers, managing staff & fixing the engine. Take your eye off the road for 1 second and an obstacle can easily result in a crash. 3 tips to handle this?” – York Zucchi

“Stopping often brings about great insights, perspectives and allows for things to fall into place. Stopping isn’t doing nothing. Stopping means making a conscious decision to pause life’s great TV show” – York Zucchi

“Stop and listen to your surroundings – they are full of valuable information that you may overlook in your daily rush. Stop and listen to yourself – to what you really are and want out of life. Stop daydreaming & start creating the space that will allow you to be that person” – York Zucchi

“Being an entrepreneur is like being in love. You can talk about it as much as you like, but until you’ve actually tried it you won’t know how it feels” – York Zucchi

“The trick to being successful as an entrepreneur is to take tiny steps vs major leaps. The fall is much easier to absorb if it is from a small height. Make sure you constantly strengthen the foundations of your business before going to the next level” – York Zucchi