I have been studying my family lifestyle including society too for some years since the time I realized that I am gifted writer in 2009; most or I can say all my family members alive or gone seem to be living their life on activities or ideas that dies immediately their done working on it or dies immediately their dead; and I don’t want to live such an average ordinary life now and leave such a life when I am dead gone. I decided years back to live an extraordinary life, and to me, for you reading this article now on my business website www.richtrainingsinstitute.com, this is an extraordinary life coming from inside me, that’s why I am playing this music inside me to you through this article you are reading now, I am sharing to you part of my life extraordinary purpose.

I have come to truly believe what the late great South African freedom activist said, “It is better to die for an idea that will live than to live for an idea that will die”. I truly question myself then what’s the point of living on this earth that when I die, I die with everything I came with when I was born? For me, that’s carrying burdens to where ever I will go when I die when I don’t share the potentials within to my world. We have often heard these words that “Don’t die with your music still playing inside you”, but often many people die with that music inside them without ever giving even a single person a chance to listen to even a single song.

I have promised myself that I myself will live all my music to earth and die with an empty studio, and that’s why I am creating and living history before I die, history that will outlive me, either alive or dead. I truly believe that what we are here for on this earth is to play the music inside that will heals souls, uplift souls and make those souls dance that good song from within us. Everyone is born with a gift, and that gift is there in you that when shared it will solve some problems some people are facing now and it will leave your world a better place than you found it. My purpose on this earth is to share all the music still playing inside me.

The question is, while you are living now, are you working on the idea that will die immediately when you die or are you working on the idea that will live when you die? That’s your personal question?