Just look around you the things that can make you successful with your life; other people’s experiences or mistakes can empower you to become successful with your life. Surrounding yourself with right people is one way of empowering your life successfully.

And you can use other people’s time, effort and money too, to make yourself successful, these are all resources to use to empower yourself. This is what some people who we see to have become successful with lives do or did, by using other people’s resources to make themselves become successful with their lives.



No doubt here, you get to make some money weather little or more money, and money is a resource you use to empower yourself either little or more, can make a difference for your life, for example you can buy a self help book to read, you can pay for a seminar class teaching about becoming successful, or you can buy internet buddle to browser empowering information on internet that could make your life successful. You can even invest your time in empowering activities and use your experience to learn from the mistakes you made in the past to become better today and in future. You are your own resource to the success you seek.  



I do believe everyone is born with infinite powers within themselves, and that’s a resource too, to make yourself become successful with your life; and of course we are spiritual beings living in human bodies. Your mind is also your infinite too, your infinite resource to use to make yourself become successful with your life; moreover what you think in your mind that becomes your life reality. Your mind is your infinite resource.

You also have potential within, and this potential am talking about is your talent or gift, or talents or gifts that you can use to empower your life successfully if utilized and used productively to benefit others and yourself. Your gift is there in you if share to solve some problems in this world, and if you can use that gift of yours to serve other people’s lives for better, it will reward you with resources like money or other opportunities that you can use to empower yourself and become successful with your life. Infinite gift to you is to use your gift to serve yourself and other people’s lives for better.

These are three steps you must understand and be using on the daily basis to empower yourself and other people’s lives for better.