Many of us go through this life, for a lifetime, having, caring and chasing what can never be ours and what was never meant to be ours.

We pretend to be who we are not, simply because we don’t want to look different from what everyone else is doing in our societies. We spend our lifetime doing what everyone else is doing simply because we want attention and approval, and because we are afraid to remain alone with our own opinions. We spend a lifetime doing and following what everyone else is doing, and following simply because it’s what everyone else is doing and following does not mean if everyone is doing it, then its right, no; this is all wasting your lifetime for something that’s not yours.

“It does not mean if everyone is minding other people’s business that means you must also mind other people’s business, No”

For example, an individual will spend 40 years just minding someone else business as an employee, and thinking that’s his job when in reality that’s not his job, but the employer’s job; believing in such a mentality is wasting your lifetime on something that’s not yours. Many employees to date still believe that a job they have is theirs, when in reality it is not theirs.

Also we worry about other people’s problems that are not of our worry, that we can’t do anything about, that’s all also wasting our lifetime for something that is not ours. As long as we keep teaching people to mind other people’s businesses, such as becoming an employee for a longer lifetime, such people will never have what’s theirs for example financially freedom. My advice is if you engage yourself into activities that do not enrich your life, its wasted lifetime forever. Just don’t waste your lifetime on what’s not yours, work and create what’s yours.