It’s through education that you gain vision and it’s through vision that you gain the ability to spot problems and turn those problems into opportunities. But you must be careful of the kind of education you receive or pursue, because that’s what you become afterward.  

Their 4 Kids of education you must understand and most people receive, but some educations are limiting to some degrees, and here are they;


This education is about learning to read and write. The vision of this group is to pass school exams and be considered the most intelligent kid judged by school grades.


This education skillfully prepares people to become employees, they might pass the university exams, but passing an exam is all about going to get a job. In this group the vision is to get a job, and from their majority is to get to advance their education degree for a high paying job, then work hard to retire from a job.


The education that makes you realize yourself as a spiritual being, that makes you realize your God given talents, abilities, genius or potential within yourself. This is also the education that builds self confidence within an individual in order to face challenges in their lives that prepares an individual never to lose the stance of their personal or team vision. And this education is also about taking control of your life.


This education is about taking control of your financial life, it’s about building your financial freedom, building your own business. This education is about becoming an entrepreneur, a business owner and a professional investor. 


It’s the education that unlocks you to set the vision of your life, but it matters most the kind of education you receive, as said academic education the vision is to read and write and pass exams, from there they graduate into professional education that trains them into a vision of becoming an employee; many people go to school with a vision of becoming employee, nothing more.

Those with personal development and financial education realize their talents, become more confident, face their problems and solve them, build their wealthy creating businesses and live rich.