A job is not a problem, but how you job is what is very important,is a job progressing your life in all angles life or not? For the majority of people, their always complaining on the jobs they have.

Many people in this world are working very hard at companies, making owners of the companies rich and richer while themselves are getting poor and poorer each month that comes; such people must stop such a lifestyle, simply because their going nowhere, but only circling in the same rat race cycle for 40 years each day that comes. Remember that it’s about getting to the top, not working for those at the top.

Why work for years and years making the owner of the company rich and richer while you are getting poor and poorer spiritually and emotionally.

For example; civil servants are busy working hard for the government, not knowing that their making the government rich and richer, while themselves getting poor and poorer. Many people are working for the rich people’s companies, making the rich become more rich and richer while themselves getting poor and poorer.

If you can spend 10 years working for someone else at a job, making more money for that person, you can as well do that for yourself. Let’s stop devaluing ourselves in the name of jobs, when we can do more the jobs that owned by others. In fact I don’t see it as normal working for someone else for 20 years and when you leave that company, you begin to live a struggling life, especially financial struggle, and this what many people who are retiring from jobs today are going through, financial struggle; it’s high time we begun reasoning more straight not juts leaving things at they will solve themselves, your problems won’t solve its self, you have to solve them.

Having a job is not a problem, but having a job without your lifetime plan is a problem, especially a financial plan because money is what drives majority to get a job, we must stop making other people rich for a lifetime while making ourselves poor for a lifetime, just in the name of having a job; let’s take control of our future and financial life, only our own selves can do this, not the government, employer or other people, but only our own selves.