You cannot operate with an old mind in the new world, but most people especially our older parents seems can’t move on, many are still in the old world, and they still want that for their own children to confine with that old world simply because it’s looks safe for the majority especially the financial life and work life; but not for long, many of our parents are in world shock change today, and that shock has brought world uncertainty for the many older people, including young people of this same new generation too.

Why are the majority of parents confining their kids to their old world, instead of inspiring their kids to confine to their new world? As said, it seems the older generations seem to prefer the stability of their older generation over the uncertainty of this new generation. It might really be certainty for us in this new generation, but this new world is still uncertainty for the older parents to date.

Today majority of our parents have failed to adapt to new technological changes that many have decided to remain in their old world, simply because it seems comfortable for them their than facing the uncertainty of a new world; but not for us the kids of this generation, you can’t afford to stay old like our older mothers and fathers though most new age kids are still experiencing the lifestyle of their grandmothers and grandfathers, of “Go to school, get a job, work hard,save money, and a job will take care of you, then retire for life”, these are all old world map, rules and beliefs to live by today.

Today we have fewer jobs on the market place and those same fewer human jobs are being replaced rapidly by computer and robotic labor, but majority of us are still being advised to go to school and get a job when we are rapidly losing out jobs; that’s all operating with an old world mentality of our grandmothers and fathers in this new world. And you cannot operate with an old map world in the new world, it causes insanity.  

Today a retirement plan is a joke, its history, but many of us kids of today are still confined to our older parents or grandparents beliefs of getting a job with a pension, that’s why today many young people are rushing for jobs in the government not because they love those jobs, but because they have been taught that they is job security, when in reality they is no job security, but job manipulation. The entire government work force is over crowded with more than enough trained college graduates who the government to date has failed to give the majority of them jobs, but they are still being advised that go to school, get a job with benefits and a job will take care of you, this is all old world beliefs that no longer works today.

The world is new today; it’s no longer of our order parent’s worlds, for some parents it has been difficult to adapt to a new world, but us kids of today we must understand them and help them to adapt to the new if they can adapt, but if not, let them be, often old dogs are critical change, you just become dynamically adaptive to new changes simply because the greatest risk for one today is not to adapt to new changes, if things are changing, then let’s be willing to change too.

Today success is found is adapting to new changes, taking new changes and using them to your advantage. You can’t afford to live in the world that no longer exists,in fact that person who does not want to adapt soon will become an extinct. Remember that adaptation is the key to success today, learn to change, the world will never be the same as was yesterday, and the world tomorrow will never be the same as was today, change is life today. We are no longer living in the world of our older parents today, and our grandchildren will no longer live in our world today, the world is changing, that’s why change is life today. Let us learn to use a new road map of this modern world, and learn from the old one.