Success begins were you are. You can only begin to expand your means in life with what you have now. It has been said often that a journey of a thousand miles begins were you are. For sure, so is you wanting to live a large life begins with want you have now.

The problem that keeps people from not moving forward is that they keep looking at what they don’t have to keep them moving forward, and looking at what they don’t have is what keeps them from not moving forward to live their own dreams or whatever they want with their lives. As said, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step and it begins with a step you have now, the examples of what you might begin with now; your time, your mind, your body, your money or the job you have now, the house you are living in now, the people,environment or the country you live in now; not things you don’t have. The journey to reach your success begins with what you have now, what you have now are the only tools that will take you to your wants, your goals,dreams, desires or destiny.

Success beings in your mind and with your mind, and you already have the mind, begin to plan whatever you want to happen or have with your life in your mind now, it’s the first tool you have, the other tools will come in later. You can only begin with what you have now, today.