This universe is endless, keeps on being created and expanded by your own thoughts and desire to grow and do more. And the more we expand our thoughts, the more our desire grows more too, and the more our universe expands more too.

The more the universe grows, the more it keeps on giving us, and the responsibility from this point when you receive, is to give to mother earth more. As you expand your thoughts, so you expand your universe.

“We do not live in the world; the world lives in us” – Deepak Chopra

Entrepreneurship is universal, that’s why it’s not for the people who get satisfied, it’s for people who seek a better and advanced way for that which is currently being used, it is as said by Bob Proctor that “All progress in society and in our individual lives, springs from dissatisfaction, the constant quest for a better way”.

Entrepreneurs are people who are consistently seeking the unknown in the unknown and the known. There people who keep seeking a better way in both from problems and opportunities. Entrepreneurs have a mentality of my great mentor Og Mandino who said that, “Each problem has a positive side”, so is “Every opportunity has another opportunity side”.

Remember that happiness is a journey, satisfaction is a destiny, and real entrepreneur are happy with their successes but not satisfied, they understand that even the best can be made better, because they know that business source ideas are unlimited, never ends, has been there since universe creation, is still here present and will be there in future; therefore, entrepreneurship unlimited.  Entrepreneurs can see the future opportunities and problems, and make constructive preparations and changes, and all this requires a spiritual eye, a spiritual perception, known as an entrepreneurial spirit, as said the proverbs 27:12 in the bible that “Sensible people will see trouble coming and avoid it, but an unthinking person will walk right into it and regret it”, this is the reason why the future belongs to entrepreneurs, and a little talked about an employee person who only sees within a monthly paycheck and a pension perception. Entrepreneurship is universal.