If all someone does, is blaming someone else for the mistakes or problems they are facing or going through, then you have not grown, you have obeyed, and someone is still a baby, no matter how grown up body he or she maybe.  

I know many people who are not successful because they are still consciously and subconsciously blaming other people for things that happened to them. I hear many horror stories about business and romance and how someone did them wrong, left them broken hearten, how someone disappointed them, and on and on blaming.

The problem with this view is that the source of the mistakes continues to lie dormant, unsolved, unquestioned, just always waiting to come to the surface again. And one good example is found with people who divorce and then marry a “different-same” person again and again, because they didn’t learn the lesson from the previous marriage. Such people never grow up, are not matured for a relationship yet, and so to put it, in a marriage relationship, there are always repeating the same mistake made from the previous relationship in the next relationship; always blaming the previous spouse for failure of their relationship.

This is the reason why people are not successful, simply because their always consciously and subconsciously punishing themselves for something they did in the past or what someone did to them in the past; instead of allowing themselves to learn and grow, and become successful from and out of that past mistake or those mistakes made.

The problem with people who blame and complain about others for what happens to them, is they are always punishing themselves by withholding the opportunity to learn a lesson that will make them grow mentality and spiritually successful from that mistake. Mistakes are learning opportunities to grow and succeed from for a grown up person, but for a baby it’s a mistake.

But if we keep on blaming and complaining about what happens to us on others or something, we will never grow up, but remain as babies mentally simply because we can’t learn and grow out of that situation at hand. Some people remain babies to same problems because they cannot outgrow that problem, and a good example is a financial problem; many people can’t outgrow their financial struggle because their always overcome by that financial same problem year after year.

As long as we blame others or something else for our own or the problems we are facing now, we will always remain babies, thinking like babies in old bodies. Let’s always find out how to solve a problem, than blaming and complaining about a problem when solutions to solve a problem we are going through is there, that’s what defines a matured grown up person, solving problems; and leaving you with what an American entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker Jim Rohn who said that, “Maturity is the ability to reap without apology and not complain when things don’t go well”.