Too many people go into business for money and friends and relatives wanting free things from you, others rush in to buying luxury vehicles, others have pressure from their spouse for show off luxurious things. To build a successful business you must first know how to SOLVE PROBLEMS.

You see, I have developed a great interest and love for what I do.

I now advocate for young generation and more people to get involved in entrepreneurship because in business there is personal growth and great achievement in life. Education will give you a comfortable life and business will give you success.

Your children will not inherit your job but they will inherit your business and even after your time the family will never be the same.

You do not need capital to start up a business; you do not need to borrow to start up a business. All you need is your mind ready to start up a business. Associate yourself with successful businessman know their story.

Fact: Most of the great successful businessmen have standard Education and are risk takers.

Am more resolved now that It’s my way of giving back to the community I have grown up from that is Munali constituency as a mentor of business and Member of Parliament in 2021

Listen, business is not easy but more time dedicated to it with a lot of determination success is the answer

I’ve gotten a lot of rejections, lost a LOT of money, when developing it lost friends and relatives, who thought I was stinge, went through a lot of pain and misery, just to acquire where I have reached today. Business is not smooth sailing through and through but don’t give up

Right now, in this day and age – you need to think of a business, develop interest in it follow the successful people doing the same business and you will be there.

When you have your mind is set for the business you want to do, you become the number one marketing manager because you are a vision carrier and can explain better what your business is all about.