Having Full Control of Your Own Thoughts, Your Mind.

You are the one who entertain and think the thoughts in your own mind, that’s a clear evidence your thoughts are your own responsibility and your own cause, and what you think is what you become, attract and experience. Therefore you cannot own yourself if you do not control and own your own thoughts, your own mind. You must be in full control of your own mind to own your own life. You have to learn to think for yourself, if you are in control of your own life.

Having Full Ownership of Your Habits

If a person does not own his or her habits, then the habits own and control that person. Some habits are learnt ones, some are self caused ones, and the issue here is being in control of habits in your mind, and not the other way round. The problem is most people are controlled by negative habits, that’s why many people are poor; and I love what someone said that it’s better to be controlled by good habits unaware than being controlled by bad habits aware. Better to be control of our habits and be controlled by good habits.

Having Full Control of Your Own Actions or Results

To take control also means to take responsibility of everything that happens to you. It does not mean you to solve every problem that comes your way, no, some problems are beyond our capacity, but all we can do as a responsible person, is to accept what we can change and accept to change ourselves over what you cannot change.  

The problem is most people run away from their own caused thought results, others blame them on others and this is all not owning one’s life, and if you find a person, who blames others for their own caused problems, just know they’re not in control of their own life. Take responsibility of your own actions, if you want to own your own life.  

Unlearning Unempowering Beliefs

Unlearn all and keep on unlearning beliefs that no longer empower or enrich your life, and relearn with empowering beliefs. If you want to own your life or yourself, you must learn all the beliefs that make guilt to be yourself. Unlearn all beliefs that make you not to become who you where meant to be, do, have and share on this mother earth, as said by Mr. Alvin Toffler that “The Illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn”.  

This is the secret of the successful people in all areas life; they are always responsible of their own mind, habits, actions and unlearning unempowering beliefs and relearn with empowering beliefs.