It’s how we respond to our problems, that’s differentiates if you are still a child or an adult. Children blame others for their problems; they also complain about problems and also postpone problems instead of solving them now or sooner, this is all a child’s mind.

An adult solves problems, and never complains or blames them on others fault, and an adult always finds a way to solve that problem, not postponing problems.

Problems are also what differentiate the unsuccessful people from the successful people. They say opportunities lies in problems, it’s true, successful people are always finding time and means to solve people’s problems and their rewarded for solving those problems; while the unsuccessful are always finding excuses and means, and running away from solving problems, and their rewarded too, more excuses and running away. You reap what you have sown.

If you find a person who always blames their problems on someone else or some events, just know their still a child in one way or the other, even if their 50 years old. There are kids who are solving world’s problems, and there are adults running away from world problems their capable of solving, this is a clear evidence that growing up does not guarantee you that you have become an adult, and it’s also a clear evidence that being a child does not make you a child, simply because their kids who solve adults problems that the same adults run away from.

Get this point: Their kids who are mentally adults and their adults who are mentally kids. This clear evidence that being an adult does not guarantee a person has become matured, maturity it’s something earned, worked hard to earn, not something that comes by years or naturally. Problems are what differentiate losers and winners in life; losers make excuses, blame, complain, postpone and run way from problems; while the winners of life embrace, face head on, solve and overcome problems.