It’s the people who their thinking is the same every day that their lifestyle is the same each day that comes. You cannot have a different day if you are always thinking the same thoughts each day that comes. You cannot live a different day thinking same thoughts every day.

Every day is a new day to evolve your thinking, to do something different, and this can only be done if you evolve your thinking everyday of your living life. The reason why poor people are poor is because their always thinking and doing poor things each day that comes, and so is the successful people are successful because they are always thinking and doing successful things each new day that comes.

Thinking is growth, growth is development and development is the law of life. Make your thinking habit each day that comes to entertain new constructive thoughts in your mind, this must become your way of life to think progressive advancing ideas each day that comes of your life, if not, you continual experiencing the same lifestyle of your life even 30 years from today.  

Thinking is innovation, a new way of doing things that always results into a progressive lifestyle. Thinking is improvement upon improvement, progress upon progress. To think is to change, but many don’t. Some people are not willing to think, that is whyLuther Burbank found out that,“The greatest torture for many people is to think”, andRussell Bertrand also observed that “Most people would rather die than think, many do.”

You must always evolve yourself, your thinking in your mind each day that comes if you desire to live and experience a different lifestyle each day that comes of your life. Always remember that you can’t be thinking the same ideas and expecting different results to happen to you, if you change your thinking, you will change your results too. Change your thinking, change your lifestyle.