The biggest slavery is mental slavery, making you become lonely, hopeless, desperate, destitute, depending and spiritually ignorant.

Some people are in prisons or maximum prisons, but no one can imprison their minds, unless they want too; and many people, not only those in prison but everyone have imprisoned themselves in this mental slave cage unwilling or willingly of depending on others to take care of their lives especially a financial life for example depending on the government or employer, or their spouse to support their financial life even when they are capable of taking care and control of their own financial life. This is all slavery to a more degree.

Aid: Mostly in African countries that depend so much on foreign aid, donor dependence, this is all financial slavery most African countries are into, and no one will help African’s to come out of these financial slavery if us our own Africans we do not get to take honesty action to come out of this slavery hole, and the problem with Aid is what author of “Dead Aid; why Aid is not working and how there is a better way for Africa”, Dambisa Moyo quoted that “The trouble with the aid -dependency model is ,of course, that Africa is fundamentally kept in its perpetual child like state”, its true Africa is still a baby. And remember this always; giving aid money to Africa, it does not cure economic poverty, it makes African economic minds poor longer.   

Kids Education Slavery: Taking kids to school in order to get a job for life, as the only way to make money to feed their everyday needs is also slavery; the question is, do you need to go to college to learn how to make money? Training kids in school to go get a job and make money is all part of a slavery plan, for the government, banks, big cooperation and the rich to continual controlling mankind. School is a part of slavery plan. Kids must be taught that there is more to life, than just going to school, and getting a job. Life is richer outside school mentality.

Including churches or religions too, they must help to awaken people’s minds and their spiritual side, but many are still limiting the consciousness of mankind, this is all slavery. God is in man, and not awakening man to such a reality, this is slavery too.    

Any system that limits your consciousness is a slavery system or anyone who limits or wants to limit your consciousness is driving or dragging you into slavery. Always remember that a slave is a person who waits for someone to come free him or her; only you yourself can emancipate yourself from mental slavery.