After studying rich people for a couple of years and being found with some of them, I realized that being rich is natural thing to them, it’s a natural way to live life for them. It’s a way of life to them, and not something special to show case about out there, No. They do not flaunt their wealth; they share it. I have observed it’s the poor with money that flaunt their money trying to look rich when their poor spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

Being rich is natural, not special. Being rich is a lifestyle and a standard of living; same as the way the poor are too, being poor is a lifestyle and a standard of living, like most people have preferred to remain in the lifestyle of poverty because that’s the standard they have accepted as the only way to live their life.  

And the rich, the rich lifestyle is not actually the big deal to them like many of us think of it. Well for me, it used to be so, used to think in that way too that their lifestyle was a big deal until I realized that it was the standard of living that separates the rich from the poor that made me think so. The same way a poor lifestyle is not a big deal for majority of poor people, is the same way a rich lifestyle is not a big deal for the rich, simply as said it’s a lifestyle and a standard of living.