“I honestly miss you, you on me. I miss your sweat, breath, perfect weight, how you move when you on top of me, motion orientation. Your hands squeezing my waist while you take away my breath hitting the G-spot. To a point where I hear the little nothing you say to me, looking straight into my eyes connecting with my heart, cracking my spine, giving me assurance that you mine. Your picture in my mind is slowly fading; I think I had little too much wine. Me leaving you? Honestly I don’t see myself in those lines” She said

The fire burning inside her can burn a city, she’s addicted to the pain not that she stupid, lonely or confused but it’s in your presence where she feels complete, you just never know what you do to her. Take the lead and feel the heat coming out from nose stills, cracks, burns on her skin, boils in her eyes.

All she’s ever wanted is to look into your eyes and find a cooling place, hold you close to release the pain. Her broken soul does not need words to be fixed, but your touch, time, and interest will do.

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She goes through a lot just to look perfect in your eyes, So many emotions just to let you see her beauty.

 She cries ” Don’t let go, don’t you know we only get high when we fall, hit the sky when we grow, only you know the way you know me, only you heal me when I’m broken”

There you are, there you are treating her like she’s a toy that you can replace at any time, trashing her like blood does not flow in her veins, calling her name’s like her emotions are mute, comparing her to other girls, disrespecting her efforts, mind you, she’s not stupid she’s just in Love

To be loved is not easy, someone to kiss, someone to miss to be loved when you are away, to be loved what a feeling.

Someone to care, someone to share lonely hours and moments of despair to be loved what a beautiful feeling.

Treat her like a queen, a love letter that you will always be ready to read without second thoughts, be her second Dad.

Stop comparing her, Be the woman you want to be with.

She’s a reflection of what you do.