To date many of us still don’t know that environment is the strongest teacher of all, and even stronger than hereditary. And we wonder why we or others stay in the same environments that we were born in and end up dying in the same environment even if that environment never brought out the best of us.

I have an aunt who was married in the neighborhood were all her children were born, and have grown up in the same neighborhood, majority of them are married and have children too, and still living in the same neighborhood even when that neighborhood is still underdeveloped to date.

You can teach, be the example, in form about success or how to live a successful life, but if the person went back to the same environment as before, the effect of what you taught diminishes.

For example, if the person went back to the job where mistakes were punished and creativity was suppressed, what you taught that person was of little value, and the old environment wins.

Today they are millions of people in environments that are not increasing their learning success intelligence, work and home environments that are not increasing their success intelligence. Instead of becoming successful, they become prisoners of their offices and their homes. Instead of seeking success, most people live in environments that reward playing it safe, not making mistakes. Living in environments that motivates living below ones means. And environments that motivates dependence on other people for one’s personal success that cannot happen; you cannot depend to become successful by waiting for someone else to make you successful; it doesn’t and has never worked that way, you have to create your own way.   What we must understand here is that, if you change your environment, you change your life; put as said by R. Buckminister Fuller that “Don’t change people, simply change the environment”.