First of all, there no winners or losers in life, we are just taught to become so. No one is superior to the other; we are just taught to become so. They say life is how you make it, so indeed, life is also how you learn it, and that is what has made you to become who you are today and doing what you are doing now.

When we are taught from the tender age of four or five that there must be winners and there must be losers in life, we have been thoroughly indoctrinated long before we’ve developed the critical ability to see what has happened to us.

We believe that losers and winners exist because we are taught early in our lives from our most homes, schools and in churches called as sinners, that by the time we are adults it has taken on the look of an obsolete truth in our subconscious mind, a fact that of life that no one in his or her right mind could refute.  

Especially in schools; teaching kids in schools that there must be winners and losers in life, is evil, is obsolete and old as the 20th century trying to function in the 21st century. And if we humans are to evolve to enjoy our greatest potential, we need first to change this old, obsolete, outdated and outmoded way of thinking.

The kind of competition we learn in schools especially of judging by good grades as being smart and intelligent than those who did not get good grades fosters loneliness and a sense of being separate and alone, not just for those who did not have good grades or those rejected by the system, but for all of us.

School must be an institute to inspire minds, inspire souls until it blooms, but people cannot bloom in an environment where there taught that they must be losers and winners. People can only thrive, bring out and live their best potential in an environment that promotes cooperation, team work, understanding, inspiring each other’s strengths and empowering each other’s weaknesses, and as a parent this is your job to create such an environment; and I am just saying this fact that if schools could create such an environment too, rather than this currently old and outmoded environment of winners and losers its infusing in students minds, teachers and students will work together as a team rather against each other.

And also such a teaching that there must be losers and winners in life, damages minds too, and people with such damage cannot trust others and cannot be trusted by others, in simplicity, they cannot fully or will not cooperate together as a team with other people.   We must fully understand and grasp this that teaching that there must be winners and losers in life is teaching people to become evil beasts at hearts that others will do whatever necessary evil act just become winners even when they know they’re wrong, when in fact they can be taught to work as a team, and everyone at the end of the day, ends up a winner because of cooperation, rather than competition.