These words holds truth, “People do not resist change, people resist being changed”, most people are still in industrial age comfortable world of I have a job, a steady paycheck, a house, a car, my children are going to school, I pay taxes, I have a pension investment and I go shopping, all is well. What these people don’t ask themselves is what if I get fired from this job? Or the company runs out of business like most companies are going out of businesses today. Or what if my pension investment gets wiped out? And pension investments are getting wiped out today than ever before.

Today many people are losing jobs, but still many are resisting changing the job mentality. Many are comfortable with their old industrial age ideas of job mentality, that school is even to date busy training students to follow up this obsolete old advice of go to school, get good grades, look for a high paying job with benefits and a job will take of you, when we are having fewer and fewer jobs, and wages coming down with more cheap labor on the job market place today than ever before. We seriously need a shift of mindset to let go of this old industrial world, and adapt to the new world.

Resisting change today is resisting success to day.