If you are not conscious with your financial life, then you are not conscious with your life, you are not even in control of your life.  

The only security we have today is conscious security, not job security, in fact they is no such thing like that, a philosophy of job security is a mental manipulation tactic they use to blind employees from not realizing their potential when at a job. The people who made the system called job-security knew that when people realize their potential and become courageous enough to pursue that potential, many will be giving up being employees, that’s why job security is there to manipulate employees in order to keep them working hard at that job without realizing how capable their potential is within them.

Secret Truth: Job security is there to steal your wealth, and your real wealth is time, that time, those years you spend working for someone else at that company, that’s your wealthy being taken away from you.  

And the only thing that keeps employees at a job and mostly government workers in those jobs is this safety notion of monthly paycheck security; take this example, if you are the owner of XX company, just try to delay paychecks even just for 3 months, you will see how the masses of your employees will leave your company to go look for another job elsewhere; it’s a paycheck that keeps employees at a job, not actually the job. Truth is that, job security does not exist; it’s just a mental manipulation. You will never find financial security in job security; it has never happen before, does not happen now and will never happen in future.

Job security is slavery security that comes from a job and financial security is freedom security that comes from personal conscious security and assets. You are your own security.