No serious progress comes easy, you must face and experience more of the uncomfortable periods to achieve that progress success; that’s why many people prefer to stay comfortable were they are simply because it’s not an easy thing to make a serious progress in life. And the challenge is that progress is dynamic, if you don’t continual progressing forward, reaching higher stages of success, that stage where you are becomes a danger zone.

“Comfort is the enemy of progress” quoted by PT. Barnum, who was an author, actor, and entrepreneur. This is the reason why many people cannot progress forward simply because they are comfortable where they are with what they have and what they are.

This Is What Stops You From Not Progressing Forward

And in this technological generation people who want to stay comfortable;

  • Have Not Learned From History: People who have not learned from history go around same cycles over and over throughout lifetime and end also passing those cycles to the next generation, for example believing in a job entitlement mentality. “History dictates that if you do not know your past, then you cannot analyze the present and plan for the future” said Kwame Nantambu. “A man without the knowledge of where he has been knows not where he is or where he is going”, Yoself A. A. ben – Jochannan. “Those who have not learned from history are destined to repeat it” said Writer and Philosopher George Santayana. How difficult it is for people who cannot learn from history to progress forward, because they have nothing to move forward for, but they have everything to stay where they are and move backward with. “The greatest detriment to tomorrow’s success is today’s success”, said John C. Maxwell.   
  • Comfort Makes You Obsolete: Their minds have become obsolete. Humans cannot find freedom until they let go of old, obsolete ideas. “Old ways won’t open new doors”, said Sean Diddy Combs, musician and entrepreneur. Comfort causes obsoleteness.
  • Comfort Ends You Up A Loser, Failure and a Problem in Society: We have all seen how some people got retired from a job and ended up becoming a problem to their families, to be taken care of. If you are always waiting for someone to do something for you or tell you what to do for your life, then you are a problem. If you are not contributing even a little change for a person or some people in your society, then you are a problem to society. We are here to make each other’s lives better, and everyone is capable of doing that, but many people wait for others to solve their own problems for them when they are even capable of solving them. Losers of life are people who wait for things to be done and done for them, when one is capable of solving that problem.       

Such people with such mindsets are the greatest problem we have today in our societies; we have many comfortable leaders for example politicians who lead our countries with expired ideas and old solutions, and learning institutes with expired systems and old information; these are among the example reasons why majority of people and countries are still underdeveloped simply because they are comfortable with the old, and the problem is that no comfort lifestyle has ever made anyone achieve any great success in life.

People who want change to come comfortable, who stick to old obsolete ideas like go to school and get a high pay job with benefits are in a disaster today; they might feel it because they have a paycheck month after month but wait until they retire without a pension, because today their no pensionable jobs.  

It’s easy and ok to become an employee to learn for a while, but its spiritual disastrous to remain an employee; we must learn to overcome this comfort zone of a safe secure job that is completely fading away. Things have changed and are still changing, and the only guaranteed road to success today is to continual progressing forward and becoming better than we were yesterday.     “Those who expect moments of change to be comfortable and free of conflict have not learned their history” – Joan Wallach Scot