What is it that we go to school for?

Get this, many people have become employees simply because they just followed what everyone else did or is doing now, and think if everyone is doing it, then it’s OK. Such are brains that follow without thinking and questioning, this is a reason why we have highly educated people with chains of degrees and PhD’s but still unproductive in our societies, they have all kinds of knowledge in their heads but cannot create solutions that can solve a number of problems in our societies, but only waiting upon the government that also increases some other problems; for example many of these educated people cannot create businesses or companies that can create jobs to solve these unemployment or poverty problems currently; but all they do is to look for jobs, waiting to be given a job or other opportunities, this is all education without brains and being a problem to society too.

If you are not solving any problem in your society, then just know that you are a problem in that society. It’s a huge problem of always wanting to be helped or served! And anyone who always waits to be given or served by the society is a problem in that society.

Instead of going to school to be trained on how to solve problems, we go to school to be trained to become problems of our own societies, and we don’t even see that this is a problem because we are not even taught to think for ourselves in school, this is biggest problem school imposes on us. “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all” said Aristotle; sure indeed he was right.

We are not taught in school to use our minds to benefit ourselves, but taught to use our minds to benefit what the system wants, and all the system wants students to do and be, is to become slaves for a few rich people of this world and work hard for others and pay more taxes to the government. School is a factory that produces future customers who will slave hard for a few rich people and pay more taxes to the government. 

School today needs to begin training more students to use their brains for their own benefit like entrepreneurs who think for themselves, training students to become entrepreneurs who will create jobs for others, training students to use their brains to build businesses that will serve and create more opportunities for other people out there in their communities, not the other round of which school has been creating employees who have been slaving for a few rich people in our communities since the 18th old century when currently we are in the new modern technological century world.

“The mind is the greatest power in all of creation” said J.B.Rhine. Use your mind to make yourself successful, it’s the greatest gift of wealthy, healthy and happiness abundance mankind has been given by the Great Spirit God to you. Use your mind to your own advantage, take control of your own life and mind and lead your own life.