Don’t go through life forgetting to live life; some people the last time they lived their own life is when they where a baby. The moment they left their baby life is the moment they stopped living their own life, to only follow instructions and conditions by their own families, government, employers, schools, circumstances, religions and friends; and thinking that’s living their own life simply because that’s what everyone is doing in their own societies. It does not mean if everyone is doing it, then that means it is right, No! You are here to live your own life, your own mind, your own dreams, but a few are living their own lives.

It seems everyone is busy trying to impress their families, friends, employers, girlfriends or boyfriends, pastors, or, if they is other, but forgetting our own selves and what makes us happy, simply because it’s what others want us to be happy about. We have been slaved and caged into this so called “Impress Addiction”, have you noticed that their people who hate their jobs, spouse, girl friends or boyfriends, but hang on to what they hate, that makes them sad, and still pretending as if their happy outside, all this caused by “Impress addiction”.  

Have you noticed some marriages today are like football clubs playing to win, playing to impress that I had a super wedding ceremony?

Have you noticed that some people are marrying not because they want too at that moment, but because they want to show off to others and impress their married or unmarried friends, or families, even am there, yes you are there, but if you are not happy inside, you are unthere.  

We have forgotten the real meaning of life, have forgotten out true identity of living, and that is to be living happy with our own self first. Life is not all about success or failure, life is about living happy with yourself, with or without a spouse or friend, you must be happy with yourself first.

Don’t get into a relationship or get married because you are lonely, you are desperate or your mother wants so, first of all love yourself and enjoy yourself, and you will enjoy someone else’s company too. But the problem for other people, it’s the opposite.

Remember that, you only have this life, this time now, today, and if you waste it with people and activities that do not enrich your life, its wasted time forever, I mean forever on this earth. Please live your dreams, live your life and stop impressing people who do not appreciate your own self love. If someone truly loves you, they will bring out your love inside you, not putting their love inside you.