In every adversity you face, if you are able to take control of your character, you are the boss of your life; and it’s just that most people lose their character during adversity period, and such are unable to lead their lives and others lives productively too. I define BOSS as “Become – Owner of – Self – Success”, if you are not the boss of your life, not fully in charge of your life, then a successful life is a doubt for you.

Many people give up their dreams or ideas when adversity enters, others easily give up when criticized or discouraged, others give up when they fail once and never try again, others give up their dreams when they marry, others give up when they run out of money to support their dreams, and others simply give up their dreams because they are poor, and such people are mainly not responsible for their own lives, others are in control their lives, and these are the people who have a weak character; who lose their way when their plans do not go as they expected them to go, these easily give up on life.  

A strong character is responsible, does not easily give up, it tries again until things works out. A strong character fails until it succeeds. A strong character is strengthened by adversity and weak character is weakened by adversity.


One character that will make you a boss of your life is the Take-Control character – which means leadership-character. Only people who have the character to take control can lead their own lives. Moreover, everyone is born to lead their lives, but not everyone leads their own lives. Leadership is a birth right character, but a few utilize it for their personal advantage; this is why a few people who have taken control of their leadership character, control the majority who are not in control of their own character.

Always take control of your own character, either in good and bad times; a responsible and strong character reviews itself through adversity, and not often in times of joy. Frank Outlaw quoted, “Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habits. Watch your habits; they become your character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny”.