Most people have been raised to become servants, to become tools to be used by other people; in fact raised to become tools for a few people, raised to become employees to work for the employer, and not raised to work for themselves, not raised to become employers who can employ others to work for them. And this kind of bring up has conditioned many not to think beyond what they have been raised to become.

Many people have been raised with the mentality of, “If my father worked for certain company, I will also work for a certain company”, and not “If my father worked for a certain company, me I will open my own company and employ others to work for me”. How to raise entrepreneurial children

The question is: Have you been raised to become a Tool or have you been raised to become a Tool user?

Mind you if you are an employee, you are a Tool, and if you are an employer, you are a Tool user.

The old age common advice today, “Go to school, get good grades, look for a high paying safe secure job and a job will take of you for life” is what many people have been raised to become by their parents.

But in these dynamic years we are in, parents, our cultures, schools, work place etc have to be mentally awakened of this rat race job-mentality trap they have been passing to their children from generation to generation without questioning if it’s still leading us in the right direction or leading us to disaster. And to say the truth, this advice of go to school and a get a job for life is leading many of us to disaster today, we have fewer jobs today, we are facing higher rise of unemployment with cheaper wage jobs on the market place but many are still being advised to leave school to go look for a job for a high paying job for life when their no jobs out there.

If youths are leaving colleges only to find there no jobs, then what are you raising your kids to become after college, boomerangs or orphans, or lost souls with no idea what to do with the Degrees they graduated with?  

Parents should begin raising children to think like this: If my father worked for a certain company, I will open up my own company or business and work for myself. If my father was self-employed, let me be a business owner. Kids must be taught to live their lives differently from their parents, set different new path in life this old obsolete age lifestyle fading away of “Go to school so that you get a job take care of you for life”. But the problem is that you can only teach what you know, and most parents only know having job as the only way to survival in life, and this is what they teach their kids to become too, and lucky are a few who are children of entrepreneurs taught to become entrepreneurs and run their own businesses, but rest raised for to become employees who work hard for money and an employer.

Today we need more people to be trained to become employer entrepreneurs, who can create more jobs and opportunities for others. We have more than enough trained to become employees on the market place without jobs, and we are still sending and training more in schools to become employees when jobs are busy disappearing and being replaced by technological robotic jobs.   

We have to break away the employee belief that the only way to a good life is through a job that we have been experiencing for years and years and expecting our lives to change while doing the same things that is old, obsolete today. If you and I desire a new change, we have to change our old ways of doing things. Someone said, “If you keep on doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep on getting what you’ve always got.” We are having high rising of unemployment each day that comes but we are still training many people to become employees, and we still see it normal, that’s not normal, that’s insanity at its highest pick. Why train someone to become something that is not working, training kids for jobs that are disappearing.  

As a parent are you still raising your kids to become employees who at any time can remain destitute when those jobs are taking away? We cannot follow an old advice and expect to live a new life today. Let’s consider what we are raising kids to become, because what worked yesterday or today for us cannot be what can work for their tomorrow or future. Things are changing we must be adapting to those changes too. It’s high time as parents you begin raising your child or children to become entrepreneurs than an employee who is always used as a tool to benefit more an employer who is a tool user, read the 5 way to encourage kids to be entrepreneurs.  

Point is that: Parents it’s not what you leave for your child, but what you leave in them; what are you as a parent leaving in your child?