Today’s jobs are found by sporting people who are building up businesses from the ground and be friend them, you are 99% guaranteed they will call you when their business starts doing fine. So don’t just always be looking for jobs from companies that are already established.

Do you have friends who are starting a company or the company is on the ground level growing?

Do you have a family member starting a company that is on the ground level growing?

Reach out to such a person and encourage them, offer a free service, offer help in one way or the other you can afford.

I am telling you when the business begins doing fine they will hire you without even going for a job interview. Many people today have good paying jobs out there than those writing application letters and going from one interview to the other.

Learn to offer services first, and people will find a way to connect you to better people that will help you find a good job. Be good to people, stop putting your negative Nose in peoples personal life matters, if so, honestly advice them and mind your own life business.


If you find a company or business running and has some errors you can fix, don’t just rush in to charge them for that error, offer them a service for free, and the higher chances are that you will be hired. The reason many of these Internet businesses are not hired, is they notice a problem on your businesses, more especially on Facebook, or can be a Page Log, or a Website, they tell you the error, but they want you to give them money first before actually fixing the problem. Chances to hire such people are Less to Zero % with such a philosophy.

Change the philosophy way today of looking for jobs, be in the uncommon creativity today. Offer a service before you are hired, companies or people don’t just give someone money who they are not sure can do that job even whether they claim to have done that job somewhere.

Jobs are connections today, become a good connector, help people first, encourage them, and stop looking down on people who you have no idea about and what they are going through.

People do amazing good for those who do them good first.

Change your mental philosophical way of looking for a job today.