Sure indeed, saying live your life is easier said than done. To date, in today’s technological modern world periods, they’re still people who are experiencing the same lives of their grandparents experienced, but only some few changes like a cell phone, old model modern vehicles, bank account and having a house instead of a home. Most people are still experiencing their grandparent’s lifestyles.

It doesn’t mean that if everyone is using the same lifestyle routine that means it’s a right lifestyle, No!

It does not mean you have to follow all routines everyone is using, No!

It does not mean if everyone has a job, you also must have a job, No! It does not mean if everyone is going to college, you must also do whatever it takes to get into college, No!

It does not mean if your friends are getting married, you must also get married their and then, No!

It doesn’t say to make it in this world, you have walk up in the morning, rush through the traffic to get to work, spend about eight hours at the workplace repeating the same tasks, rush back to your house, watch television or news, some boring socializing in between, eat and then sleep. Tomorrow for 5 days every week, year and years the same routine; and sure you call that I am living my life. Someone said;

“It is one thing to have a job in life that pays the bills. It is another thing entirely to do something with your life that rewards your soul. Create value with your life by doing something that adds value to the world. Do something that you are passionate about. If you help enough people with their problems, the money you need to live the life you want will come in plenty. Think about this. Then create a life that will make you happy, for that is the most important thing.”

Create your own life path. Live your own dreams. Mind your own life business. Know your talents and live that talent of yours. Be, do, have and share your own creation and thoughts. Don’t just follow what everyone has been doing or is doing. We must learn to question the life routines we are following if there are really our own creation or others creation. Routines run our life, that’s why you must learn to create your own life routines, following others without any idea. We are here to create the life we want, and everyone is capable of doing that, but many people are not utilizing that capability to create the life they want and desire to experience, only letting others create they life actually they don’t even really need, such people are not in control of their own lives, others are. My point is that, question everything, it does not mean that if everyone has been or is doing it, that means it’s a right routine or path, No! Throughout history the majority’s routines have always found themselves leaning on the wrong ladder of success.

Learn to think for yourself, make your own personal life decisions, and live by those decisions, it’s your life, not someone else’s life, but yours. Cut out following routines that keeps the great majority poor and never to live the life they really wanted and desired. Create your own life you will be happy to live with.