Business is a subconscious belief, and as long as a person has no business belief in his inner mind the subconscious, they will never start any business at all, but always continual working for other people’s businesses beliefs.

I am not talking about Network Marketing businesses that are started by someone else that most people just join into an already established that business, am talking about just starting your own business from the scratch. Get me clearly here, I am not despising network marketing business, no; I am a networker for BF SUMA Company too, but all I am talking about is starting our own thought caused business or businesses that you have full control on, not someone else owning the control.

The reason why many people cannot start their own businesses is not lack of business ideas or money, and many employees make more money but running no business at; the reason is lack of subconscious business ideas or beliefs, all they have such people is employment ideas or beliefs simply because that’s the only thing have been taught from the majority of their homes – through school and until they get that job for life.

Get this, everything that we do is all rooted in our subconscious mind and our subconscious beliefs are the reflection of our lifestyles we are experiencing now, the past and future too. In short our subconscious mind runs my life and your life too. Some people might start a business, but if the business does not go as expected, they give up and return back to become an employee that they were conditioned to become. Until we begin unlearning an employee beliefs in the subconscious mind and replacing with entrepreneurs beliefs. The difficulty lies not so much in developing business ideas as in escaping employee old beliefs.

And as long as we keep teaching people to become employees, people aren’t as likely to leave their jobs, or start their own business or company, which actually has made so many innocent lives trapped in the rat-race employment process when each day that comes jobs are disappearing and being replaced by technological labor. The reason why many cannot start their own businesses is because their subconscious mind has been programmed to look for a job from their homes and school that only trains students to become employees for the government and a few rich people who run businesses in this world.

Majority of people in this world have been raised to become employees, that’s why we have billions of employees in this world and only a few a millions of people have been taught to become entrepreneurs. As long as people are still subconsciously being conditioned to become employees, they will never start any business for themselves, but will always work for others companies.

It’s what you have been taught to become, that’s how your life end up your lifestyle you are experiencing now. Remember that your mindset is your lifestyle.