I am a Kitwe based guy, running an Internet entrepreneurship and personal development business website www.RichTrainingsInstitute.com, and Chisokone Market is a place where sometimes when I have tangible goods for sell, I go to do business too. I have a number of friends in the market running different businesses from Restaurant, Clothing, Beauty shops, Grocery stores, Vegetable sellers and suppliers at the Chisokone Green Market, Alcohol Bars or Taverns, Sack bags suppliers, Hardware shops, Book shops, Tailoring shops, Health products, furniture shops, Bathing and toilet business, Music and video sellers, Phone sellers and repairers, plastic bag and container shops, Kitchen equipment shops, Barber shops, Vehicle spears shops, renting Shop businesses, etc; ranging from new and second hand goods running businesses.  

With Uncle Bootlers

Here are the reasons why you must start a business in Chisokone Market;

Reason #1: Free Marketing Zone

Chisokone Market in Kitwe, Zambia, is a free marketing zone. You don’t even need to register a company to run a business in Chisokone Market, unless otherwise it’s a very big business. There are people running businesses like restaurants, butcheries, furniture businesses but without companies registered and doing fine financially, able to take care of themselves and their families. Of course they pay taxes through the Kitwe City Council. And if you are creative enough to run businesses in this Market you will make more money and pay up the taxes to the council even two months ahead.

Chisokone Market Kitwe is worth Millions of Zambian Kwacha, and if you are just creative enough to sport out business opportunities in this free market zone, you will have a share of those millions of kwacha cycling around Chisokone Market.

Ileenda Ilepwa (Walking While Cooking) Small Business

You don’t even need a big capital in this market to start a business; my girl friend started a “Scone food business with k50 Zambian Kwacha, which is $5 dollars, taking to a number of shops without her own shop, and making a minimum profit of k30 kwacha each day and she managed to open up her own shop 3 months ago. Get this, Taxes are fair in Chisokone market, you just have to be more creative enough to expand whatever business you what to do, small, medium or big business.

Reason #2: It’s the Centre For Foreign Businesses

Foreign countries like Mozambique, Congo, Tanzania, and if its Tanzanians, dominate the Hair businesses, for example Masai Twisting Hair plating for ladies, and I love the Masai when it comes to business, they work as a Team of 3 or 4 to plat each head of a woman, and each costs k500, and they plat 4 to 5 heads each day, which actually amounts to K2500 each day made, and this is a 30 days monthly salary of a government civil servant worker, this is what most Zambian people cannot see who are not employee job seeking minded. The Tanzanians are also in the beauty business; mostly men are the ones running beauty businesses.

The other foreign country is Democratic Republic of Congo; these guys dominate mostly in the clothing and skin beauty products, and Mozambique features in those two.

And Chisokone Market is not only the centre of foreign countries, but also a centre of Zambian provinces for businesses, for example Laupula and Northern Province that dominate mostly in Fish, Cassava, Beans and Groundnuts Businesses. It’s a centre zone for businesses coming from Central Province, North Western Province, and as far as crossing through two Provinces to Western province that dominate more in Chisokone Market with Kapenta Fish and Rice Businesses.

If you have a business idea, that idea can be of food, Clothing, Alcohol or drinks, Groceries, Furniture, Suck bags, Toilet building, etc, then Chisokone Market is for you, get my point, majority of businesses run in Chisokone Market Kitwe, are not registered companies or businesses, it’s a free market zone and if you could utilize this opportunity like many businesses women and men are doing, then it’s an opportunity for you. And renting spaces and shops are very affordable to cheaper in this Market. Foreigners are getting rich just doing businesses in this Market, and if you have the courage enough, you will get a share of millions of Zambian Kwacha, of in US dollar, its billions of dollars circulating in the market. Chisokone Market is a billion of dollars free market zone, just go there and do a survey for yourself or we can link up, just Call or WhatsApp me at +260966363182 or richtrainings@gmail.com

Reason #3: People In Chisokone Market Are Laka Laka People

Zambian people in this Chisokone Market are Laka Laka meaning Good Good People; they welcome every race for business, there Chinese, Philippians, Lebanese, Tanzanians, Congolese, and many races there running their businesses at peace.   Those of you outside wanting to do business in the province of Copperbelt, city of Kitwe, in the country Zambia, in Chisokone Market and other parts of Kitwe, you are most welcome to do business in peace. Thank you for reading article. You can leave a comment below for any other more details.