The article is from my Book: Knowledge To Riches; What The Rich Be To Become Rich That The Poor and Middle People Do Not.

It’s the WANTS that differentiate the poor from the rich people. It’s what the poor Want with their lives and what the rich Want with their lives, that is what differentiates the rich lifestyle from the poor lifestyle. It’s operating on different sides of the Mental Coin that differentiates the poor and middle class from the rich wealthy class.

Here are the differences below;


  • Security, fairness and Equality
  • Seek jobs. Seek secure safe job
  • Good education
  • Comfortable life
  • Steady Paycheck
  • Pension
  • Receive (helped)
  • Create short-term riches
  • Want to be cared
  • Promotion at a job
  • Own everything and control everything (self-employed)
  • Spend, invest last
  • Work hard to earn more but ends up earning less


  • Freedom
  • Create Jobs
  • Good financial education
  • Progress (Change)
  • Cash flow Income
  • Financial freedom  
  • Give (want to help or share more)
  •  Create long-term riches/ wealthy (next generations)
  • Want to Control
  • Own a Corporate Lander (Business owner)
  • Own nothing but control everything (Business owner)
  • Invest first, spend last
  • Work less to earn more and ends up with more (use leverage)

It’s the Wants in our subconscious mind that run our lives; in short our lives are run by our subconscious mind. Mentioned above is what differentiates the poor and middle class from the rich class. Buy the book at