In the ancient times, the Greeks what they used to call the “Heart” was called the subconscious mind, and it has been said that as a man thinketh in his Heart “subconscious mind”, so is he in his physical lifestyle. In short, here what is being said is that, your subconscious mind runs your life.

It’s the subconscious beliefs, values and conditioning in an individual that determines who an individual becomes and achieve with their lives. For example the poor and middle class group has been conditioned to go to school, get good grades and look for a safe and a secure job for life; and that’s what their lives becomes, simply because that’s what they believe in most, value most and have been taught to become with their lives. Job security is what they value; and this is a subconscious mindset valuable WANT for an employee mind mentality.

For example the subconscious value WANTS of a rich wealthy person is not looking for a job but building businesses that create jobs and cash flow income, owning a business cooperation that creates freedom. A rich person wants financial freedom and while an employee wants job security, and these are the different beliefs these two groups value the most in life, and these same values are what manifest for each the lifestyle they experience now and will be experiencing in future. 

If an individual is poor, then his subconscious is of poor values too. Or if the person has a poor mindset, those poor beliefs, ideas in their mind, even if that person does not look poor in reality today like middle class people pretend to look rich outside, but still having poor beliefs or habits inside, those poor beliefs no matter how long it may take to pretend those poor beliefs will find a way to manifest in physical reality for that person, they like it or not; and what we believe in we become, what we think about we will become; and what we believe in is what we take action on, and we always attract, create and become what we are already inside ourselves.  

Therefore if a person wants to become successful, they first have to begin changing their poor values, beliefs, ideas or habits and reprogram themselves with success values, beliefs, ideas or habits inside their subconscious inner mind. Simply to put it in this statement, “You cannot become rich with a poor mindset”.

You cannot become rich by operating on the poor side of the coin; you have to operate on the rich side of the coin. You cannot become successful by thinking poor and talking poor; if you desire to become successful, begin to program yourself, your mind with successful beliefs and ideas, and also not forgetting successful association; associate with successful people, or the people who want to become successful. As said, “Before you can transform your wallet from poor to rich, you’ve got to transform your spirit from poor to rich”, Robert Kiyosaki, author Rich Dad Poor Dad.