Most people’s lives are meaningless today simply because they only have the skill of what they know, and have no skill to seek out what they don’t know and experience the lifestyle they desire. It’s my observation that people who become the most successful with their lives are those constantly learning new skills and adapting to new changes, experience and knowledge; these are the people who have learnt the skill of constantly seeking what they don’t know.

I am a writer and teacher, and I don’t only spend my time hanging around writers and teachers only, no; I spend my time with people with different working fields of skills, with business minded people, mechanics, radio DJ or presenters, bloggers, IT guys, designers, accountants, company managers, with different working fields, etc; simply because I am always learning, always wanting to learn new skills from different fields of life, and not only being limited to skills I know, writing and teaching. Spending time with people with different working fields will teach you different skills in life, and this is the attitude entrepreneurs have developed of learning little in more from different working fields of businesses.    

Opportunities often pass those who only have the skills of what they know, but stay in those who have the skills of seeking what they don’t know. We simply miss opportunities when we are only aware of what is around us, and not aware of what is surrounding what is around us. Sticking to what you know only will not guarantee you more successes with your life today; you must learn to be seeking out what you don’t know more. 

When we are not aware of opportunities outside us, such opportunities will always be missed and lost; that’s why it’s advisable to travel to different towns and countries, meet new people, learn about new cultures, visit places you have never being there before, read good books, and you will learn new skills and know new people with your life rather just being fixed to what you only know in your city or country. Remember life is learning, and learning is what progresses your life, and if your life is not progressing, just know that you are learning nothing new with your life.  

Be willing and curious to learn from life and life will be willing and curious to adapt you to new changes, experiences and knowledge too; you will always get back what you give to life first. Life is ever expanding, and if you are seeking the unknown, you will be best friends with life. Mind you, life is universe, and universe is you, people, animals, vegetation, land, water, air, and these are ever changing, and if you are always seeking to learn the unknown, as said, you will be best friends with life, simply because life is change and change is growth, and life is always seeking those willing and curiously seeking change and growth. Learn to seek the unknown, simply is, life is unknown, and if you don’t, you will never learn, and in never learning you will never change and grow from where you are.