Many people still think that starting a business is all about making money; well to some degree, but a business that’s just there to make money, soon or later it will run out of business.

The purpose of every business is to solve a problem or problems, and the reason why most people never start any business is they are so focused on wanting to make money that they never to get to think of what brings money in a business or for a business, and that is, a business must solve people’s problems out there.

So, if you want to start a business, look at or find a problem that which your business will solve for people in your community, country or your world. If you can be a problem solver and reach as many people as you can reach out there in your community, then money will flow to your side. The more people your business can serve, can make other people’s lives better out there, the more the money will come in; get this point; you will be served according to the number of people your business will serve out there. The business gets back what gives out first.

The problem is that many of us have been trained to look for a job, and if there no jobs out there, we remain stuck and end up lost souls, when their many problems surrounding us including unemployment problem that we can utilize, offer a solution and off you create your own job through selling that solution for a price. Some times that solution might take some times to be developed, but if you sacrifice all you can to make it happen, you will harvest from your farm.

So, create a solution to a certain problem in your community or country and funding will be found; or if you want you can sell that solution for a price or you can open a business and earn that price. Every business was founded because someone saw a problem and created a solution for that problem, and the business was given birth. Every business you hear or see, offers solutions to solve people’s problems.