Intelligence has been defined as the ability to solve problems. And this what intelligent people do, solving problems, creating and producing solutions to solve problems in their communities or countries.

Intelligent people work to serve, the opposite work to be served. Intelligent people work to solve problems, the opposite work for the intelligent.

Intelligence is not being taught what to do with your life, but doing what you tell yourself, and the opposite wait to be told what to do for their lives.

Everyone is born intelligent, it’s just most people use little to none, and many don’t exercise, utilize their own intelligence.

If you want to know your intelligence capacity, start solving problems both your problems and others problems too. The problem the so called school educated people are less intelligent is because they have been trained to look for a job, and not to look for problems to solve that can create jobs for themselves and others too. They have been trained to be served by others, and not to serve others. They may have all kinds of knowledge in their heads, but lack the courage, that intelligence to implement that knowledge into actions that can create jobs and other opportunities for themselves and their community too; this is why the so called the educated lack intelligence.    

Intelligent people are not waiting to be served, their always looking for opportunities to serve others, to make others lives get better than was yesterday. And if you truly want to know how intelligent you are, the capacity of your intelligence, start looking for problems to solve, you can start with small problems, and then keep on graduating to solving big and bigger problems constantly. Stop waiting for someone to solve problems for you, that’s not intelligence, its laziness. Be the solution of your problems and others people’s problems. Your job from now on must be to solve people’s problems, and you will be rewarded more, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and materially. The more problems you will solve, the more you will be served too. Lastly get this in your heart, “If you make others lives get better, you will receive a better life in return”, this is intelligence.