Teachers have no control over school rather than following as taught and told to teach students in class. Teachers are run and controlled by the school business owners. School is a multibillion dollar business, but not run by teachers. Teachers are just employees to teach as taught and told to teach only, that’s why they have no authority or power to change the any syllabus or introduce a new syllabus for this system they have work for.  

In short, teachers go into college to be trained to teach what the school business system what’s them to teach in schools and this becomes their job their paid for, and because the majority are more focused on getting a job and start getting paid, many of them don’t reason enough to question if the syllabus they teach in schools are worth for students today or not. Their aim is money, getting that paycheck, and not so much the education of students in school and more especially student’s life after school life.  

And because school business does not teach teachers to think beyond school system, but follow school rules and teach students what they are taught to teach only, therefore, most of them don’t question if the school system is worth or unworthy for students lives and their own lives too. 

Even though some teachers have realized that the training system is not worth and effective for students today, mostly there afraid to bring such issues to the Teachers Union Boards simply because their afraid they might lose their jobs, so most of them just keep quiet and follow and do as told, get paid and job goes on.  

The problem with school system is that it twists teachers to serve institutions instead of serving the unfolding brilliance within students, in general humanity. The truth is the school is not there to serve students to realize there geniuses, gifts or talents that can help to transform the world for better, but only crashes and destroy humanity geniuses, purposes, gifts and talents, and twisting students minds through training and conditioning students to learn what the employer will want after they leave school and only what is wanted at a job.

The only way school will become effective in this technological generation and generations to come, is to change its old industrial age system of training students to become employees and begin training teachers to be training students to become entrepreneurs and investors who create jobs and more opportunities for many people.

It has to begin to train students to realize and utilize their gifts within and let students share those gifts through a business to its world. Although this might be a way to make school become more effective today in this technological era, I doubt if the guys behind the school business would allow financial education in the school-system. It is known already that financial education not being taught in the schools it’s a planned move. 

Moreover, it seems the government knows that if introduced financial education in schools, maybe the government will lose its future customers to pay more Taxes that makes it survive and have more control over people on left side of the E and S quadrant, meaning the Employees and Self-employed people. The people who pay the highest taxes to the government are the employees and the self-employed people, and these are produced by our school-system. The education system has got Untold Issues: Read my book the Untold You; The 7 Realities You Must Always Remember When You Are In The Working Industry        

The other biggest problem with school-system is it’s corrupt. A teacher stands up against corruption. And School-system is corrupt said Robert Kiyosaki.  And duel to school incompetence today, and lacking and failing to teacher kids in school real life survival skills for surviving after school, students are becoming lost souls after college when they find out that the life they were promised in college is not the life on the ground, and still others committing suicide like the incident that recently happened by a university student who committed suicide in Zambia UNIVERSITY GRADUATE COMMITS SUCIDE AFTER BEING LEFT OUT FOR TEACHER POSTING FOR THE 4th TIME. That’s why I said teachers say have little to nothing to change, even if a teacher could see the incompetence and ineffective of the school-system on kids minds today, they have no power or authority to force that change in, so things just remain as they are, it seems nothing will ever change, the entire education system is corrupted, a business controlled system.    “Let us think of education as the means of developing our greatest abilities, because in each of us there is a private hope and dream which, fulfilled, can be translated into benefit for everyone and greater strength of the nation” said, John .F. Kennedy. Think about this.